Me imagino que a alguno le resultará un tanto pesado, pero leí en este libro de Inglés este corto consejo relacionado a un tema que más de una vez hemos mencionado: las presentaciones o informes, de paso practicamos un poco de Inglés, no se a Uds. pero a mi me viene muy bien.

In Business, writing accurate reports is an important skill for several reasons:

  • it shows you are professional
  • it allows you to convey information clearly or to keep a record of events
  • it helps you to influence decisions

Normaly, reports can be divided into three main parts:

  1. Introduction: the subject and the headings of your report
  2. Findings: what you’ve found out or want to say
  3. Conclusions: what you think about these facts and what you recommend the reader should do

To write a good report, you should follow these steps:

    1. Plan the content and collect any necessary information
    2. Write the first draft (version)
    3. Edit (improve) and correct, then produce a final version


Motivating the individuals in the audience is just as important as the structure and language of a presentation. Ask yourself, what are they there for? Why should they listen to me?

Hot tips of Double Dealing by James Schofield

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